Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cowboys Stadium Tour

My brother Jay came in town from Connecticut and we went to see the new huge stadium. This is Jay hanging out by Tom Landry. Adam enjoyed running on the lines around the field, he also practiced kicking and throwing his football.

This is us outside the locker room. Adam loved the star motif- he walked around counting stars everywhere. Stars were on the walls, in the floor drains, even the elevator buttons lit up as stars. I fed Levi sitting on the Cowboys bench. When I get the pictures from my brother I will show you the inside of the cheerleader and players locker room. We had a fun time and were very glad it was air conditioned unlike the former stadium. It was 107 outside.

First Day of school

Greta starts Kindergarten

3rd grader Clara

Jonas the 5th grader

Monday, August 9, 2010

From mini-van to mini-bus

We said goodbye to our Honda Odyssey this weekend- It has been a good 9 years 131,000 miles, and 4 transmissions. We traded it in for a conversion van. My kids are most excited about the TV and PS2; I am glad that it seats 9 with lots of room for growing kids and drives smoother than the SUVs I drove. It also sits lower to the ground which is easier for loading. They are not a lot of choices for vehicles seating 7 people comfortably. Mike went with a friend and his brother all the way to Florida to pick it up this weekend.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 Little Pigs

The story of the 3 Little Pigs has been Adam's favorite for the past few weeks, so we have been building houses and acting it act daily.

They sleep when they stop

Sometimes you just can't make it to your bed.

Another lost tooth

Greta pulled out her top tooth last week, it had been damaged and was turning dark, so I was ready for it to be out and encouraged her to pull it. We went to a local horse park as a reward. She was so happy to hang out with horses all morning, I didn't enjoy it as much since I had to lead the stubborn donkey around.