Tuesday, December 18, 2007

December so far

We have had fun this month. It finally got cold and has felt like winter was here. The leaves fell off our tree, so Mike spent a Saturday raking with the kids help. We bought our tree and have even been able to put presents under the tree that haven't been unwrapped. We went to a Christmas party at church to see Santa. The kids had holiday parties at school. We have made ornaments for the tree and been shopping. We have been making our favorite treats like caramels, puppy chow, and scotch o roos. Last week, we enjoyed decorating a gingerbread house which lasted a few days without being munched on.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clara's First Lost Tooth


Clara came home from school today with a loose bottom tooth. She was very excited since many friends in her kindergarten class have lost teeth already. Later that evening, she was eating some banana bread and her tooth hurt and was bleeding. I had a Kleenex and rolled it just a bit, so it came out. She put it in a small ring box and into her backpack to show her teacher tomorrow before letting the tooth fairy take it. She does love her teacher. She is doing really well in class. She has me sit down everyday after school to look at each of her papers. I am not allowed to peek first.
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