Saturday, November 6, 2010


I just found this post that I started and didn't publish because I was waiting to get a picture off Mike's phone. Oh well, here they are. Clara is Belle, Adam was Woody riding Bullseye, Jonas was Gandolf the wizard from Lord of the Rings, Greta was an ice princess, and Levi a skeleton.

Jonas' fall football

Jonas with his flag football team. They were undefeated for the season and had a great coach who had the perfect balance of fun and work is his coaching.

My 6 year old, Greta.

Greta on her 6th birthday ready for school, eating her breakfast donut on the red "special day" dishes- a fun family tradition that we have. I love her face as she realizes that her present is a day at horse camp. She has loved horses for 4 years now and is now old enough to go to our local stable. She was able to be with horses for 6 hours- riding, grooming, and petting them. She had a great day and knew all about the individual horses when we picked her up. She can't wait to go back. The evening of her birthday we went to the park and then to the State Fair for her celebration. Those pictures are on Mike's camera. Greta is still very tall for her age and has enjoyed Kindergarten. She is doing well playing with friends and getting her work done. The first week of school she came home and asked "How many hours long is school?" She has put 6 pounds on since this summer when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Grave's disease. We are so glad that she has responded well to treatment. She is the sweetest, joyful little girl.

Moving dirt

Mike, Jonas and Adam moved some dirt into our backyard to fill in our hole where the pool used to be. The kids have been having fun ever since playing in it with dumptrucks and shovels and army men.

Clara's volleyball season

Clara played her first season of volleyball and is learning a lot and loving it. Her team is the Blue Crush and I have been so impressed by how much they have learned.

September 11 at the Fire Station

Yes, I am behind with my blogging. I will start the catch up process. Our neighborhood takes a meal to our fire station every Sept 11 as a thank you. Adam was so excited to go this year and the firemen were so patient showing us around and letting the kids check things out.