Friday, July 20, 2007

Greta on a horse.

One of Greta's rewards for potty training was to go on a horse ride. She got to go Tuesday to the zoo and ride this pony names Bubbles. She loved every second.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ivan is home!

We welcomed Ivan home this last weekend. Here are some photos from the airport. Mike, Baranie, Jonas, Clara, Greta, Selonna, Kay Taylor, Bruce Petty, and Bryan, Amy, and James Hamilton all came to greet him. Then we met more family on a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Ivan was pretty tired, but was still able to smile. He was released that evening by the stake president. We have had fun looking through his photos and souvenirs and tasting the Swiss chocolate he brought home. Afton, Jimmy, Dallin, and Jett came up from Houston to stay. It feels like normal to have him home. The kids will do anything he asks; he sets a good example of cleaning up his room and doing chores. We are looking forward to being together this summer. He goes back to BYU-Idaho in September.