Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 08

We have been having lots of fun this summer. Here is some shots of the kids on the slip and slide out front that Jonas got for his birthday. Then Jonas and Clara were husking corn on the cob for dinner. Greta got a fat lip playing at the museum. That was a lot of blood. We just returned from a trip to see my sister in Houston. My camera batteries were not charged, so there are only a few photos at the beach. If you look close you can see Afton's cute belly in one picture. She is expecting a new baby January 3! We had a great time hanging out with my nephews and celebrating their birthdays.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Questions from a 3 year old

I was snuggling Greta tonight and she asked me "Why we have air?" I explained breathing, then she asked if plants need air. It is fun to watch her curious mind at work. She also asked about bones and food. I explained and then she wanted to know why her big sister could color so well. It must be hard to be little and never be quite as far along. I showed her how her ears didn't have any bones and could move. She wanted to know why ears can hear? I told her so she could hear me say "I love her." Her smile was a perfect way to end the day.