Saturday, February 5, 2011

Levi hiding

Ok, where is Levi? I start looking for him and realize that he has closed himself in the laundry and is organizing the cans for me. Such a cutie.

Adam's Third Birthday

This is a wink from Adam.

Our little man, Adam turned 3. We started our celebration by spending the day at the Dallas Zoo, then had yummy cupcakes by Clara. He loved getting presents and was so excited when his cousins and grandparents brought them over throughout the week. We went to the zoo on Saturday so Mike could go and he thought his birthday lasted for 3 days. On Sunday it snowed and we stayed home all day playing in it. Then on Monday- his actual birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese with his best friend Bryce. Since we had bad weather the place was empty except for us. He loved his puzzles, books, and new toys. Being three is so fun!

Christmas pajamas