Sunday, January 2, 2011

Levi walking

Levi 15 months

Here are some pictures of Levi, he is such a great kid. He turned 15 months- weighs 24 lbs (40%) and is 32" (80%) tall. He is such a sweet, playful little boy. He likes to play with his cars and little people set. He finally decided to start walking this last month. He doesn't say many words but will call Clara's name to take him outside to play if he is inside. He also says Adam and Greta quite clearly, but not the rest of us. He makes car sounds and a little "sssst" sound like a snake all the time. He likes to dance, be chased, swing, and be tickled. I love his little eyebrows he is my first kid with dark enough eyebrows to see. He still has his dark hair like his mommy. He is a great little eater and still nurses. He has a cute dimple on his right cheek that I just love. His eyes are a creamy blue with brown in them.

Gingerbread house and Gingerbread man

We did a gingerbread house this year which Adam really enjoyed for the first time. Jonas came home from school with a library book full of creative ways to serve food. He was begging to make this Banana Split Pizza which was a brownie topped with sweetened cream cheese and bananas, pinneapple, strawberries and chocolate chips. It was tasty and we put it in our gingerbread man pan which Adam got a kick out of since he loves the story of the gingerbread man.

Thanksgiving 2010

10 grandkids! We had a great Thanksgiving with Bear's Mother, brother Dallas and sister Afton, their families and her Uncle Kelly and Aunt Kay. That was 10 kids 9 adults. It was great fun. We went to the Children's Museum at Fair Park one day, baked yummy food and had a great time visiting while we did a 1000 piece puzzle.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A trip to the zoo with cousins

Adam was really excited to see the kangaroos during this trip to the zoo, but the ostriches were more interested in him.

I am too cute for a picture

Carving pumpkins

Fall trip to the Arboretum

We wwent to see the thousands of pumpkins at the Arboretum with Aunt Ginger and her boys.