Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Temple Square Tour - Salt Lake City

The flowers were beautiful everywhere.

Checking out the 4 acre meadow on top of the conference center. That building is huge.
Here are pictures from our vacation. We toured the conference center and the Salt Lake Temple Square with my sister and her kids.

My baby is 1!

2 months old

One year old- ready for the Cowboys season

Levi loved his cake and presents. He is such a fun happy baby. He has adorable dimple that shows all the time. He is still crawling around and likes to push cars or roll balls. He has this great spin move he does while sitting and moving one leg. I need to catch it on video. He dances to the Barney theme song. He loves to play peek-a-boo in the mornings with his big brothers and sisters with the cereal boxes on the table. He also likes to clap his hands and swing outside. He has started trying all kinds of big people food, but still breast feeds regularly. He will take good naps and sleeps in his crib until I go get him to snuggle with me. He has started climbing up onto our couch from the treadmill and can turn around and get off feet first. We are so glad to have him in our family.


Clara and Greta did some trading this week. The first trade was Greta gets 2 of Clara Zhu-zhu pets and a piece of gum for $8.00(all of her cash). The deal was sealed once Greta ate the gum. When I heard of this I decided it was unfair, but Greta had eaten the gum! I made Clara give back half the money. Clara was so upset, now how was she going to save money?

The second trade happened when Greta came home from school with glitter flower shaped silly bands which Clara wanted bad. There were 12 and I made it clear that I approved all trades in the house. Clara ended up with 5 of the bands and she gave Greta 3 of her bands and 4 stickers on a behavior chart which means that they could have a sister sleep over- stay up late, eat popcorn and share a bed. They were both happy with this. Seems to me that Clara managed to get the better deal, but hey she is the big sister. Mike and I thought it was sweet that they wanted to play together, but we felt like Clara might not be authorized to give that kind of reward, behavior stickers from your sister? They love to play school, but I didn't realize that Greta had a behavior chart even when they weren't playing. You can bet that Clara doesn't have one monitored by Greta. They play very well and together and I am so glad they are friends.
PS Greta just ran in from the backyard scared because Clara told her 2 wasps were chasing her:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wichita, KS

The first day of our vacation we stopped in Wichita, KS. We found the house Mike lived in when he was 10 years old. Then we went to Exploration Place on the river. Our favorite section was the Kansas area that had a mock tornado, water table and the mock stream with sand to build a dam with. There was also had an amazing section about flight with a paper airplane alley and simulators.

Denver Children's Museum

On our way to Utah we spent the day at the Denver Children's Museum. They had a great area about mining with cool rocks. They also had a great room about Space Travel like the NASA Center in Houston. The weather started to cool off and we stopped to explore by the river. We all enjoyed the mountain scenery except Greta who didn't like the feeling of being in between the mountain. She was nervous about falling rocks and kept asking when we would be out the mountains.