Friday, July 16, 2010

Arboretum with friends

We went to the Dallas Arboretum this week with some friends Brooke and her 4 cute kids. It was hot but we enjoyed all the pretty flowers and fountains; Greta loved petting the horse. I am pleased that I caught the cardinal by the water.

Happy Birthday to Johnny!

Our friend Johnny turned 20 this week! He is such a great kid and we love to have him hang out with us. Clara made his favorite cake, German Chocolate. we tried a new upside down version which was yummy.

Dress like a cow= free dinner!!

We dressed up like cows and went to Chik-fil-a where we each got a free combo meal for dinner last week. The felt a little silly and were afraid we would be the only people there, but we weren't and they had fun. Notice the absence of Adam, he would have no part in dressing up even though I have a cow Halloween costume that fit him perfectly. We enjoyed our meal, played in the play place and Mike met us after work.

Summer fun- Rokenbok

Jonas set up his remote control vehicle set which has been lots of fun for everyone.

4th of July

I got to meet my new nephew, Quade 4th of July weekend. He is now 5 weeks old and just over 6 pounds. We also went swimming and saw Toy Story 3.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Jonas has turned 10!

I now have a 10 year old. We had a fun day celebrating- we went to play miniature golf and laser tag at the arcade. Jonas got a pellet gun, new red light saber, and
N64 converter for the computer. He also got some cash and enjoyed choosing some new books and putting some in the bank. He picked out a Where's Waldo book. He has been busy this month attending 2 Cub Scout twilight camps and completing lots of Webelos requirements. He has read the Fablehaven book series by Brandon Mull. Jonas is such an awesome kid; he is a great example for his brothers and sisters and lots of fun.

Levi crawling

Levi is crawling all around the house now and pulling up. We are devising ways to contain him,so he doesn't disappear around corners and down the hallway. One was blocking the doorway with Adam's Cars chair. He is so cute and will come when I call him and go looking for him.

Bathroom remodel

Mike finished our bathroom remodel for the kids. Clara picked out the color scheme and it turned out really fun. Each wall is a different color. We love the funny monkey and frog shower curtain.

Summer- the first month

We have been having a great time this summer. This last week we did lots of fun math activities. The kids counted and rolled $49.00 worth of coins from our coin jar and we put them in their bank accounts. We played M&M math, yummy! chutes and ladders, did various worksheets and flashcards. Jonas and I played several rounds of Yatzee. We went to Celebration Park with my cousin Debra then went back to her house where we had a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub. The kids loved it!
We have been on lots of bike rides to the park. Mike got a double bike trailer for Father's Day, so now I can ride my bike instead of pushing the stroller, it is so much cooler.