Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My chubby little man

Adam has been growing fast. He weighed in at 18lb 1 oz and 24 1/2" at his four month checkup. I have some cute shots of his rolls on his legs. Personally, I think his chubby shoulders are adorable. My wrist has started aching from carrying him around. Thank goodness for strollers. Adam went to Orlando to bury his great-grandmother Lois' ashes. She passed away in Dallas in April. We met some family and went to Downtown Disney. Adam enjoyed watching the fish at Rainforest Cafe. He traveled well even though he was recovering from an ear infection.
Jonas and Clara are home from school and we are enjoying being home. We have had some sickness, so we have stayed home more than I had planned. The kids seem to play so well and enjoy the down time. I am glad we have a big backyard and a circle street for bikes and scooters.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clara update

Clara is about to finish up her t-ball season undefeated. Go Thundercats! She had field day and a beach theme party at school. She did so well her first year at school and is excited for 1st grade. First, she will enjoy summer. She lost her front tooth at school on the last day, but from the video you can see that Jonas tried to help her pull it out the night before. I am working on an update of Adam as well. He is growing fast as you can see from his picture at Clara's game.